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Optimize Your Growing Business with Compact Construction Equipment

Optimize Your Growing Business with Compact Construction Equipment

2 Sep 2023 Author: John Weber Read time: 3 min

Mini excavators, skid steers, compact track loaders —contractors of all sizes hail these for their versatility and adaptability across various tasks. Whether digging, grading, lifting or hauling, these machines can be equipped with various attachments, making them multi-functional powerhouses. This adaptability saves time and space and minimizes the need for numerous specialized machines, effectively reducing costs and the environmental footprint.  

Besides adaptability, contractors cite small construction equipment as their first stepping stone to grow their business. It’s cost-effective, has low-financing options, and is easily found at local dealerships like RDO Equipment Co. 

Compact equipment may be the key for those wanting to open the door to a new opportunity. Here are some challenges contractors say were solved by owning compact construction equipment.  

1. Managing High Fuel Costs

With national average diesel fuel prices soaring at around $4 per gallon, compact construction equipment (CCE) has become the preferred choice for contractors handling projects with tight budgets and schedules. Their smaller size allows for efficient operation and maneuverability, optimizing site layouts and productivity. 

2. Finding the Right Operator

According to its proprietary model, the Associated Builders and Contractors say the construction workforce shortage surpassed half a million in 2023, making it nearly impossible to find skilled operators. With user-friendly controls and intuitive interfaces, CCE empowers a broader range of operators to contribute effectively to construction projects, mitigating the impact of the labor shortage. Many contractors have successfully onboarded team members who are entirely new to the industry, starting them as skid steer or compact wheel loader operators.  

3. Staying Competitive in a Variety of Jobs  

As urban areas expand, construction sites come in all shapes, sizes and schedules. Many contractors want machines that can work on several job sites with various attachments or technology upgrades. Contractors say they can evolve with their CCE through attachments like the 4-in-1 buckets, which are available to fit on skid steers, compact track loaders, and compact tractors.  

 Other contractors expand their consistent productivity through Topcon's GPS technology, including MC-Mobile, which combines machine control and survey technology to let compact equipment operators measure, design and build jobs with the same system. 

When construction sites are tight, compact machines enhance job site safety by increasing visibility and control. Operators can maneuver these machines more precisely, minimizing the risk of accidents. Additionally, remote operation capabilities with Teleo's Supervised Autonomy allow operators to control equipment from a safe distance, particularly in hazardous situations.   

Once considered nice to have support equipment but secondary to heavy equipment counterparts, compact construction machines have earned their place in equipment fleets of all sizes. Not only have they become more sought after because of their proven capabilities, but their flexibility and lower cost of entry allow operators to take advantage of these machines’ proven efficiency. Contact a trusted equipment expert if you’re ready to find the right machine — or multiple compact machines.  

To see the complete list of equipment offerings or to take a machine for a test drive, visit your local RDO Equipment Co. store.  

John Weber

John Weber has worked in the construction equipment industry for more than seven years. As the General Manager of RDO Equipment Co. in Dayton and Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, he helps contractors build in rural and metropolitan areas.

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