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Protect Your Investment and Maximize Uptime With RDO Equipment Co.

Protect Your Investment and Maximize Uptime With RDO Equipment Co.

2 Aug 2022 Read time: 2 min

In today’s modern world, staying connected is key to protecting machine investments and maximizing uptime.  

The team at RDO Equipment Co. understands this importance and helps customers take the technology worry out of their hands through our Connected Support team. Sometimes it helps to have an extra set of eyes to do one thing and one thing only: watch the health and performance of machines in the field.  With RDO Equipment Co., customers have the choice — work with the RDO Connected Support team in conjunction with their own or leave all the monitoring to RDO. 

Whatever way you slice it, the result is healthier equipment, reduced costs and higher productivity.  

What is Connected Support? 

It starts with a connection to the machine. Our telematics specialists can help you access and analyze your machine data to optimize your operation.

But how does it work? 

If data is shared with RDO, a machine health alert can be sent from the machine to the RDO Equipment Co. Machine Health Monitoring Center where the alert is evaluated. Depending on the type and severity of the alert, the team member monitoring the machine may reach out to the customer directly or the customer’s service team to determine a solution and prevent any potential issues.

Detecting issues before they become problems is a large part of what Connected Support can do, but it’s not the only thing. With our preventative maintenance services, you can choose the right package to fit your needs, so you can focus more on your business and less on scheduling maintenance. 

With RDO, the sale is not the end of the relationship. Customers can purchase select packages to ensure they get the right amount of coverage for their machines.

Whether it’s managing your fleet, staying on the lookout for alerts or anything else, when it comes to protecting your investment and maximizing uptime, RDO does that. 


Click here to learn more about how you can maximize your uptime with RDO Equipment Co.
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