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The Top 5 Precision Agriculture Questions with Precision Ag Answers Videos

The Top 5 Precision Agriculture Questions with Precision Ag Answers Videos

21 Jul 2021 Read time: 3 min

Precision agriculture comes with a lot of questions, both for growers new to precision methods and those looking to take a strategy one step further.

RDO Equipment Co. launched Precision Ag Answers to help growers find the answers to their precision ag questions. The YouTube video series includes a variety of videos like quick tips, in-depth tutorials, and step-by-step walkthroughs.

Originally intended to be a solution for in-person clinics and events that were sidelined due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Precision Ag Answers has become a resource for growers, accessible on-demand, anytime precision ag help is needed.

Counting down to the most-watched Precision Ag Answers video, here are the top five videos addressing some of the most common questions about precision agriculture technology.

5. How Do I Delete and Add Equipment in John Deere Operations Center?
A basic farm fleet management task is to delete and add equipment in the John Deere Operations Center. For growers, this keeps equipment up-to-date to allow easy creation of display setup files.

Watch this video to see how to delete and add equipment in the John Deere Operations Center.



4. How Do I Export and Delete Data on a 2630 Display?
Having good, clean agronomic data is a must. Starting simple, exporting and deleting data on a 2630 display is a good start to data cleanup and ensuring the display is ready for the growing season.

Watch and learn, in less than four minutes, how to export onto a USB drive if not using wireless data transfer and delete data on a 2630 display.



3. How Do I Set Up and Calibrate TruSet Tillage on a Cultivator?  
Do you need to know how to set up and calibrate TruSet™ on a cultivator? Having the proper settings in place is one of the first steps to ensure you get the most from machines and technology.  

Watch to learn how to set up and calibrate TruSet on a Cultivator. The TruSet calibration process will be similar for other John Deere tillage implements.



2. How Do I Perform Advanced TCM Calibrations on StarFire 6000 Receivers?
There are several benefits to performing advanced TCM calibrations. It takes the error out of positioning the machine and implement in the exact same spot after turning around. The operator no longer needs a level surface. It is more precise because it takes more data points as you go along the guidance line. The operator can calibrate the machine and implement receiver at the same time if it is equipped

Watch to see how to perform advanced TCM calibration for StarFire 6000 receivers and StarFire 6000 integrated receivers.



1. How Do I Connect an Implement for Best Hydraulic Flow?
Interested in an overview of high flow hydraulics on a John Deere 9R tractor? This video will help identify hydraulic connections on the back of the tractor, after which there are a few tips to connect the implement to best use the tractor’s hydraulic flow. This reduces potential issues, prevents Flow Sharing, and protects the implement’s components.

Watch to see how to identify hydraulic connections, then learn tips for best implement connection.


Interested in more about precision agriculture? Subscribe to Precision Ag Answers – from RDO Equipment Co. on YouTube and search videos to answer precision agriculture questions. Check out the RDO Equipment Co. Agriculture Technology Podcast, browse past episodes, and find out more about everything from equipment to drones to specialty crop care.

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