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Differences in the John Deere Z900 E, M, and R Series Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers

27 Aug 2021

Whether you’re a commercial lawn and turf contractor looking to expand your fleet of commercial lawn equipment, or a large property owner looking to mow faster and with more comfort, let the commercial mowing experts at RDO Equipment Co. guide you in choosing the best machine for your needs.  

The John Deere ZTrak™ 900 Series commercial zero-turn mowers are designed specifically for maximum mowing quality and efficiency, along with operator comfort. They’re designed with three classes of power trim levels — E, M, and R. But what are the differences between the E, M, and R Z900 Series ZTrak™ mowers? Get complete details in this article that will help you determine which mower may best match your mowing needs and property. 

E Series Zero-Turn Mowers (25HP) 

While the ZTrak™ E Series zero-turn commercial mower is touted as the basic level of John Deere commercial lawn mowers, it’s anything but.  

The E Series comes with more features and components in a zero-turn than John Deere has released before. An 11.5-gallon fuel tank and 25 horsepower engine means you can power through the thickest grass, while the professional-grade seat — complete with ComfortGlide™ Suspension — keeps you comfortable. Large rear tires balance out the ride and the 7-Iron™ II deck, available in 48, 54, or 60-inch deck sizes, and cut from a single piece of 7-gauge steel, make your job run smoothly from first cut to final bag. 

The Z915E ZTrak™ is a great option for anyone looking for an entry-level, price-conscious commercial-grade mower. 

M Series Zero-Turn Mowers (23.5-31 HP) 

If you’re looking for a mower with a little more bang for a lot less buck, the Z900 M Series zero-turn commercial mowers are your answer. 

The perfect cross between efficiency and value, the M Series mowers offer up to 31 horsepower and the performance to prove it, plowing through 12-inch grass with ease. Its 7-Iron™ PRO Side-discharge deck is pressed from a single sheet of seven-gauge steel to reduce material buildup includes a Mulch On Demand option* to keep clippings in the yard and out of landscaping. Three seat choices with ComfortGlide™ Suspension offer riders the best comfort in its class — keeping you in the seat for the long haul. 

*Mulch On Demand does not come standard. 

R Series Zero-Turn Mowers (24.7-37.4 HP) 

The Z900R Series zero-turn commercial mowers are equipped with everything you want in a zero-turn mower to keep you working until the job is done. 

With commercial-grade engine options that deliver leading class performance, the R Series has the power and durability to make it through the toughest of jobs. 

The Comfort & Convenience Package offers padded levers with electronic controls to let you raise and lower the deck or disengage mower blades at the press of a button and with airless, pneumatic tires patch kits and flats are history. 


If you think the ZTrak™ line of commercial mowers are class-leading on the outside, just wait until you see what they’ve got going on inside. 

Each of the John Deere zero-turn commercial mowers are powered by an air-cooled, vertical shaft engine, and feature an overhead valve design for more fuel efficiency and a full-pressure lubrication system to reduce engine wear even when operating on hillsides and uneven terrain.  

Noted as the smallest of the ZTrak commercial mowers, the Z915E touts a 25 horsepower Kohler gas engine, allowing it to move at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour. The M Series of zero-turn mowers range from 23.5 horsepower in the Z920M, to a powerful 31 horsepower Kawasaki engine in the Z960M. 

The largest machines offered in the Z900 Series of ZTrak™ commercial mowers, the R Series, features air-cooled Kawasaki engines and range from 25.5 horsepower in the Z930R to 35 horsepower in the Z970R. Not only does John Deere offer gas-powered R Series zero-turn mowers, it also offers two diesel-powered models. The Z994R Diesel and the Z997R Diesel ZTrak™ mowers are powered by three-cylinder, liquid-cooled Yanmar diesel engines, running up to 24.7 and 37.4 horsepower respectively. 


Any one of the John Deere ZTrak™ commercial lawn mowers could be the perfect option for your business, farm, or government agency. The experts at RDO Equipment Co. can help find you the best match to meet all your needs. Still not sure if the ZTrak™ mower is the right commercial lawn equipment for your fleet, or if a standing mower might better meet your needs? Take a look at 6 factors to help you decide between a stand-on mower or a sit-on mower for your commercial mowing operation. 

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