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Z900 ZTrak - John Deere Commercial Lawn Mower Deck Options Explained

30 Oct 2021

Z900 ZTrak - Mower Deck Options

The John Deere ZTrak™ 900 Series commercial zero-turn mowers are specifically designed for maximum mowing quality and efficiency. Lawn and landscaping contractors know there’s a difference between models when it comes to mower decks. And just like choosing the correct mower is important, so is choosing the right deck for your mower.

However, it’s important to note the key differences among the mower decks in the John Deere Z900 commercial zero-turn mowers. Keep reading to find out these differences and find the best mower deck for your operation.

7-Iron™ II and 7-Iron™ PRO

The legendary 7-Iron™ II and 7-Iron™ PRO side-discharge decks, are stamped from a single sheet of seven-gauge steel using 4 million pounds of pressure. Using one sheet of metal cuts down the number of welds to provide the underside of these industry standard decks with a smooth surface to reduce build up and increase air flow. They were first introduced in 1999 and have more than 20 years of proven quality and performance — offering exceptional cut quality in the toughest conditions.

Built for efficiency, the 7-Iron™ PRO decks feature an 18-inch discharge chute to minimize grass clumps, compared to the 16-inch discharge chute of the 7-Iron™ II, by spreading clippings more evenly while mowing at high speeds. Double capture, anti-scalp wheels ensure your grass is protected and looking its best when you mow over things you didn’t mean to, while also enhancing flotation on uneven terrain, while a standard step, built into the deck, provides the operator with a lower entry and exit point to make it easier to get on and off the mower.

The 7-Iron™ II side-discharge deck is available in 48-, 54-, and 60-inch widths for the Z915E ZTrak™ commercial mower, while the 7-Iron™ PRO side-discharge deck, available in 48-, 54-, 60-, and 72-inch deck sizes, comes standard for M- and R-Series John Deere ZTrak™ commercial zero-turn mowers.

Mulch on Demand™

When it comes to a mulching, nothing can touch John Deere’s trademarked Mulch on Demand™ system.

John Deere Mulch on Demand™ gives you the power to switch between mulching and side-discharging without ever leaving your seat. A movable gate closes off the discharge chute at the shift of a lever, while the smooth-operating baffles create individual cutting chambers to get the most out of your mulch. Mulching grass clippings enriches your soil with nutrients. The clippings will release nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus as they decompose. These are necessary nutrients for the health of your lawn.

Both the 7-Iron™ II and 7-Iron™ PRO are available to be ordered from the factory with Mulch on Demand™.

FastBack™ PRO

If you’re looking to mow on the edge, look no further than the FastBack™ PRO Rear Discharge deck.

Well-suited for a variety of applications, this commercial mowing deck offers a solution for professional landscape customers who require the rear-discharge placement of grass or debris.

With its unique baffling system reducing the clumping and windrowing often associated with rear-discharging decks, clippings stay in the turf where they’re supposed to instead of landing on the operator. The deck is suspended from and supported by the mower to provide a level cut, while the mower deck wheels and mowers help smooth out mowing in uneven conditions — reducing the chance of scalping and ensuring a beautiful cut every time.

Service is quick and manageable with one belt and a center spindle, accessible with a removable foot platform. Quick-release belt covers provide easy access to spindle pockets by lifting one corner of the cover and rotating to remove, no tools or ring clip required, getting operators back to the job even faster.

The FastBack™ PRO Rear Discharge deck option is available for most M- and R-Series ZTrak™ zero-turn commercial mowers and comes in both 60- and 72-inch mowing widths.

Any of the commercial mowing decks available for the John Deere ZTrak™ commercial lawn mowers could be the perfect option for your business, farm, or government agency. Talk to the experts at RDO Equipment Co. to find the best match to meet all your needs. Looking to expand your commercial mowing fleet? Check out this article that explains the  differences in the John Deere Z9001 E, M, and R Series commercial zero turn mowers

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