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5 Must-Have Attachments for Commercial Lawn Equipment

5 Must-Have Attachments for Commercial Lawn Equipment

22 Nov 2021 Author: Todd Tescher Read time: 1 min

Lawn care professionals know commercial lawn equipment needs to do more than cut grass. Enter attachments for commercial lawn mowers.

Commercial lawn equipment, which includes riding lawn tractors, zero turn mowers (ZTRs), and compact utility tractors, is built to do more than mow. There are numerous available lawn mower attachments to help professionals accomplish several tasks. While larger machines like skid steers still have their rightful place in the fleet, many landscape professionals are finding commercial lawn tractors to be more versatile and provide great value in a smaller package.

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With so many commercial lawn mower attachments available, here are the top five for professional use.

Front Loader Bucket
Move and place dirt, mulch, and rock. Haul heavy pavers and plants from the trailer to their designated spot. Even use as a snow pusher.

The front loader with bucket is one of the most popular attachments for professionals because it is also one of the most versatile. It can also save time and effort, often a more productive solution to wheelbarrows and manual labor.

Bagging System
Many lawn care customers want to see a clean, perfectly manicured lawn. Bagging systems offer this ability by collecting grass clippings, leaves, and other debris.

Bagging systems are one of only a few attachments offered on a zero-turn mower. Professionals who focus a lot of their time and energy on mowing and maintaining properties may want to consider this simple and useful attachment.

Mulch Kit
In many areas of the country, mulching is popular. The practice puts useful nutrients back into the lawn and can save on fertilizer costs, as well as time to dispose of grass clippings.

Just as with baggers, mulch kits are offered on commercial ZTRs. John Deere even offers a Mulch-on-Demand deck that allows the operator to quickly and easily switch from mulching to side discharge.

Snow Business
There is one category of attachments that is both seasonal and regional, and is also one that appeals to the dual business services offered by most lawn and landscape professionals. In areas where snow falls, it is common to turn commercial lawn equipment into snow fighting machines.

With the exception of zero-turn mowers, most commercial lawn tractors can be outfitted with a snow blade, blower, or broom. Additionally, salt and sand spreaders can be useful to prevent slip-and-fall issues on sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots.

Canopies and Cabs
Whether keeping cool and clean in the summer or staying warm and dry in the winter, there are many reasons to consider adding another layer of comfort to commercial lawn equipment. Canopies and cabs offer opportunity to make a machine a true year-round workhorse.

Whether a temporary, seasonal swap or a permanent fixture, some larger machines like John Deere’s X700 series lawn tractors and its compact utility tractors offer several options to add canopies or cabs. This “attachment” does more than provide shelter from sun or protection against outdoor elements; the option for heat and air conditioning on some models can be part of the package as well.

Learn more about how to decide if adding a cab is the right move. Read: Enclosed cab or open station – which is right for you?  

Commercial lawn mowers can do more than just mow. Thanks to these attachments, plus numerous additional options, lawn mowers can provide professionals with greater functionality and the ability to accomplish several tasks.


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Todd Tescher

Todd Tescher is an Account Manager with RDO Equipment Co. in Bismarck, North Dakota. He works with both homeowners and professional lawn care companies, and is always eager to help customers find out what the right equipment can do for them.

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