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A 4-Part Rundown of NeverStop Equipment Service and Support

A 4-Part Rundown of NeverStop Equipment Service and Support

2 Feb 2022 Author: Michael Mackay Read time: 3 min

Downtime. On the job site it is kind of like a four-letter word…yet it isn’t really four letters. But it is definitely every equipment owner’s worst nightmare.

Downtime doesn’t have to disrupt your professional lawn care or landscape business. Enter NeverStop™ from John Deere. NeverStop is a collection of equipment service and support programs. More than that, the programs are exclusively designed for commercial lawn and landscape equipment.

Here is a rundown of the NeverStop program and how RDO Equipment Co. supports the program for lawn care and landscape professionals. Find out what is included with NeverStop service and support, and how these four areas prevent that ugly four-letter word: downtime.

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1. Get a loaner machine when it is needed most
It may not sound like a big deal to have one machine out for service. But for many companies, and especially when it is unplanned service, one machine down can significantly impact operations.

Imagine the opportunity to get a Z-Trak, Quik-Trak, or walk-behind mower to use at no charge when a warrantied machine is out for service. The Priority Loaders piece of the NeverStop program does exactly that, ensuring companies can maintain projects and priorities.

2. PARTS OnSite program
Parts availability is crucial to keeping equipment fleets up and running. Having important parts on-hand and accessible leads to minimal interruption when an immediate need arises, while working hand-in-hand to fuel an ongoing preventative maintenance program. The Parts OnSite™ piece of the NeverStop program offers this dual benefit.

A Parts OnSite cabinet is exactly what it sounds like – a fully-stocked cabinet of parts kept right onsite in a company’s shop. Better yet, RDO supports the Parts OnSite program by proactively stocking the cabinet with parts designated by each customer. Adding peace of mind, NeverStop offers a 24-hour parts guarantee on parts not stocked in a Parts OnSite cabinet or available at the local RDO store.

3. Order parts online
Just about everything can be ordered online these days. It’s convenient, it’s fast, and it saves trip during the busy day. With NeverStop and RDO, parts and supplies are no exception.

Online ordering is simple and RDO customers can make their process even easier by creating an RDO account on In addition to quick reorders of common parts and ability to order tougher-to-find parts, companies can view online orders, download invoices, and manage their fleet in one place.   

4. Customized financing
Purchase, lease, and buyout options. Budgets and payment choices. Companies need options and flexibility to acquire and manage equipment. Customized Financing is one of the most popular pieces of the NeverStop program. Supported through John Deere Financial, Customized Financing opens doors to different opportunities and exclusive offers for professional lawn and landscape companies.  

The program offers the option to set an established payment that fits a budget, while also being flexible to skip payments when it is most advantageous to the company. Companies interested in owning equipment at a lower cost can set up a plan to buy a machine at the end of the lease. Those who enjoy brand new machines with brand new warranties can trade in equipment at the end of the lease.

Consider an *example scenario of how a leasing program can work to the benefit of a company. The benefits of a lease can include lower payments as well as limiting the depreciation risk. Companies can build equity during the lease, which they can take during the time of trade-in or apply to a new lease to reduce future payments.

*Pricing shown is not actual MSRP and is used only for the purpose of illustrating an example scenario

Need a little more information on how RDO supports NeverStop service and support? Watch below to hear about details on all parts of the program.

Equipment. Parts. Financing. It all adds up to worry-free uptime and a healthier bottom line. Get it all with NeverStop and RDO.


Find all commercial lawn equipment for sale, discuss leasing options, and learn about full parts and service support at yourlocal RDO Equipment Co. store.


Michael Mackay

Michael Mackay is Store Manager of RDO Equipment Co. in Kennewick, Washington where he exclusively focuses on lawn and landscape equipment. Service is his top priority and Michael enjoys helping customers find the machines they need and ensure they’re taken care of after their equipment purchase with parts and service support.

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