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During Harvest, DIY Repair Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

During Harvest, DIY Repair Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

18 Oct 2023 Author: Jeff Lemna Read time: 3 min

Fresh fall morning air fills your lungs as you climb into your tractor cab. Immediately, you notice something isn't quite working right. Clench your fists, take a sharp breath in and mutter language that shouldn’t see the light of day. There is nothing more frustrating. You want an easy fix to get the tractor up and running. What is your first step?

Often, you can repair equipment on your own but may need parts or other resources to make a quick fix. Sometimes, you may require some DIY support and need a trusted partner. At RDO Equipment Co., what matters most is that our customers have what they need to keep their operations thriving. You need information, parts and support to maintain and repair your equipment. Check out four ways RDO can help.

1. Effective tools and resources

As equipment has become more sophisticated, RDO and our manufacturing partners have made tools and resources available that farmers need to conduct repairs. That commitment includes access to manuals, on-board diagnostic tools via in-cab display or wireless interface, electronic diagnostic service tools, parts, software applications and more. Farmers can refer to John Deere Customer Service ADVISOR™, which includes a digital database of operators and technical manuals to repair equipment. Users with this license can access this information online or leverage a downloaded application and cable to connect directly to equipment for diagnostics.

2. Personalized Account 

As an RDO customer, you can create a personalized account with all your relevant information, allowing you to access parts, equipment and services 24/7. With an RDO secure account, customers can be confident their info is safe and simplify steps to manage their business. RDO’s inventory of tens of thousands of parts online makes it easy for anyone to find what they need, order and arrange for pick up or delivery.  

3. Expert-trained technical communications

If your repair is a bit more sophisticated and you need an expert, RDO has a dedicated team of trained Technical Communications Specialists with years of real-world experience. We diagnose issues, help with the operation of the machine and its settings and provide documentation as needed. 

4. Proactive solutions with connected machines and support

With properly equipped machines and permissions granted to RDO, you can quickly partner with experts like never before. Using various telematics solutions, including JDLink and the John Deere Operations Center, we constantly monitor machines for potential problems. When our team sees an issue, we proactively alert our customers and prepare for that possible breakdown by having the right parts on hand, or we can even send software updates that can fix your equipment. These tools also allow customers to monitor their equipment's health and receive alerts when something goes wrong. 

During harvest, when you don’t have the time to endlessly scroll and stare at your phone to search for information, it is vital to have access to expertise, service and parts. At RDO, it is our job to support our customers in whatever way you see fit – fixing your equipment and providing parts and resources as needed. After all, we know you are doing much more critical work this season, watching next year’s dinner menu fill your trucks. 

Jeff Lemna

Jeff Lemna, the Vice President of Customer Support at RDO Equipment Co., has nearly 30 years of experience in the agriculture industry. He leads teams to support customers across RDO's footprint. When he's not at work, he attends his daughter's dance recitals or enjoys the great outdoors.

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