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Need Your Utility Vehicle to Work Year-round? Check Out This John Deere Gator™ Accessory and Attachment Guide

25 Jul 2023 Author: Alex Mitchell Read time: 5 min

Throughout my years at RDO Equipment Co., I’ve noticed more and more how people don’t know where to start when purchasing Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) attachments. Here is the first question you should ask yourself to help select the right attachment set for your needs: "How and when do you use your UTV?"

Most people say they’d like to use the versatile machine in the summer, fall, winter and spring, but with the comforts they’d expect in their car. John Deere’s Gator™ UTVs have those features from the factory floor, along with the highest payload and towing capacity on the market. When financing your next side-by-side vehicle, use this quick guide to choose the right Gator utility vehicle attachments to get the job done in all seasons.

Consider the top five Gator attachments and accessories for any work or play.

  1. Cab – A poly or deluxe attachment cab provides the Gator's enclosed or partially enclosed cabin structure. It offers protection from the elements, including rain, snow, wind or excessive sunlight. This attachment is helpful to ensure year-round use.
  2. LED Lights provide bright lighting whether someone is working or playing into the late-night hours.
  3. Stereo Mount Kits and Stereos provide audio entertainment, enabling you to enjoy music or other audio content during work or recreational activities.
  4. Hitches connect trailers or utility carts to transport larger loads.
  5. Utility Carts add transporting capacity to move larger volumes of supplies or equipment.

Besides the top five attachments listed above, it is essential to look at which attachments may work best for your Gator, depending on the tasks you need to complete. Additional Gator utility vehicle attachments become even more helpful as the hours get shorter during the fall and winter.

Commercial and Property Maintenance Work Attachments  

With a Gator, you can transport massive quantities of dirt, rock or other equipment over all sorts of terrain and get the job done – even in the dark.

Commercial or property maintenance workers should consider the following attachments to improve their daily tasks in the comfort of their Gator.

  • Power Lift Kits enhance the lifting capabilities, allowing you to easily lift and lower heavy loads to load or unload equipment, materials or supplies.
  • Tool Racks securely transport various tools and accessories on the Gator, ensuring easy access and organization while working.
  • Bucket Holders ensure that buckets (or similar items) remain stable and prevent sliding.
  • Front Hood Racks are mounted on the front to carry lightweight items for quick access.
  • Sprayers apply fertilizers, herbicides or other liquids evenly over a large area. Deere also offers a rate-controlled sprayer with factory wiring harness integration for the most precise spraying capabilities.
  • Winches are particularly useful in off-road situations where the Gator may need assistance recovering or towing vehicles or equipment.

Farming, Ranching and Job Site Work Attachments  

According to, John Deere’s Gators are “farmer-tested and approved.” The Baker family farm near Orangeville, Illinois, which includes grain, hemp and a dairy, upgraded their UTV to an R-Series Gator. They highlight its creature comforts, like cup holders and air conditioners, and its massive torque to haul animal feed. Take the Bakers’ word for it and check out additional valuable attachments.

  • Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS) Integration Kits collect data and control various agricultural operations, such as mapping, guidance and variable rate applications.
  • Draw Bars connect and tow trailers or other implements commonly used at job sites or in agricultural operations.
  • Ball Mounts provide a hitching point with a ball for towing trailers.
  • Fox Shox, a high-performance shock absorber manufactured by Fox Racing, improves the suspension and handling capabilities and is used in demanding off-road applications or when navigating rough terrain.
  • Underbody Armor attachments are protective plates or shields installed underneath the Gator to shield critical components from damage caused by rocks, debris or rough terrain.

Outdoorsmen Activities’ Attachments and Accessories

Whether you’re a skilled hunter, enthusiastic birdwatcher or looking for a trail-ride vehicle, Gators allow people to design a trip to fit any outdoorsman or woman’s wildest dreams. ranked John Deere’s Gator R Series as one of its top choices for handling, quality, versatility and noise level. Industrial Vehicle International’s Editor Tom Stone says, “John Deere Gator UTVs are the quietest ever.” Besides Gators’ vehicle features, many hunters add Fox Shox or Underbody Armor attachments. In addition, consider these accessories to add to your outdoor person's vehicle.

  • Rear Screens are attached to the rear of the John Deere Gator to prevent debris, dust and other objects from entering the cargo.
  • OPS Overhead Organizers, designed to maximize storage, feature compartments, pouches or hooks for storing tools, equipment and personal items.

Snow Removal Work Attachments  

Managing snow remains top of mind during those cold long winters. Many people delight in investing in a UTV that will be fun in the summer but necessary in the winter with its heated cab, defrosting capabilities, plow markers, skid shows and versatile blade attachments. Consider these different blade attachments depending on how much snow you expect to remove.

  • Western Hydraulic V-Blades plow snow with an adjustable V shape or straight blade configuration through hydraulic controls.
  • Western Mid-Duty Hydraulic Straight Blades, designed for medium-duty snow removal, push snow in a straight line. Straight Blade attachments come in a 6ft (1.82 m) or a narrower 5.5ft (1.7 m) width for more maneuverability.
  • Western Mid-Duty Winch Lift Straight Blades include a straight blade with a winch mechanism for lifting and lowering to functionality similar to the hydraulic straight blades but employs a winch system for blade control.
  • Rear Mounted Salt Spreaders distribute salt, sand or other de-icing materials while removing snow, with a large hopper for extended use and efficient coverage. Gator utility vehicle owners most often opt for the Tornado or Pro Flow 525, which include a harness for quick and easy installation during those winter months.

Find the Gator that’s right for you and see all the special offers on John Deere Gators. To see the complete list of equipment offerings or to take a machine for a test drive, visit your local RDO Equipment Co. store

Alex Mitchell

Alex Mitchell is passionate about customers, John Deere machines, and RDO Equipment Co. As an Account Manager, Alex enjoys educating potential customers on what John Deere equipment can deliver and he especially loves showing them they can turn their dreams of owning a Deere into reality.

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