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Agriculture Technology Podcast: Ep. 142 - 8RX Tractor Tanks

Bryce Knowlen, Precision Product Specialist at RDO, joins host Tony Kramer to discuss the John Deere's... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 141: Harvest Profit

Harvest Profit is a software tool focused on making it easier for farmers to track farm costs, profits, grain... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 130: Land Lab, Year 3

Three years in at the Land Lab at NDSCS - what are the lessons learned so far? Tune in to Episode 130 where we dig in. Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 128: Rate Controllers

The latest episode of the Agriculture Technology Podcast covers a subject submitted by a listener request: rate... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 127: John Deere's CommandPro

What is CommandPro? CommandPro is an ergonomic joystick option in the new IVT tractors. Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 126: AutoTrac Turn Automation

On the latest episode of the Agriculture Technology Podcast, Precision Ag Specialist Terry Lacher joins Host Tony... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 125: Data Sharing

Data sharing. This isn't sharing data with your neighbor or your agronomist - on the latest episode of the podcast,... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 124: Combine Technology

Tony Kramer and Jake Maurer are back, discussing combine tech. Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 123: ExactRate

John Deere's new ExactRate is the latest topic of discussion on Episode 123. Tune in today to learn how ExactRate... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 122: Granular Insights

The latest episode of the Agriculture Technology podcast covers farm management software company, Granular Insights. Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 121: John Deere MyOperations™ mobile app

On this latest episode of the Agriculture Technology Podcast, host Tony Kramer and Precision Ag Specialist, Daniel... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 120: X Series Combines

Learn more about the newly released John Deere X Series combines. Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 119: ExactApply Nozzle Technology

Check out Episode 119 of the Agriculture Technology Podcast - featuring a deep dive on John Deere's ExactApply... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 118: Introducing: A New Format

Over the past 115+ episodes of the Agriculture Technology Podcast, host Tony Kramer has interviewed guests to... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 117: John Deere Connect Mobile

Learn more about John Deere's Connect Mobile, now on the podcast. Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 116: Dawn Equipment, Part 2

In Part 2 of our conversation with Dawn Equipment, Joe Basset, President and CEO, picks up where we left off in Part... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 115: Dawn Equipment, Part 1

Join podcast host Tony Kramer in Part 1 of an interview with Dawn Equipment, experts in no till and strip till... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 114: 10 Technologies for Your Operation

In this latest episode of the podcast, host Tony Kramer is joined by RDO Agronomist Erin Hightower to discuss 10... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 113: GLOBALG.A.P.

Now, on the podcast, RDO Agronomist Erin Hightower joins host Tony Kramer for a discussion on GLOBALG.A.P. Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 112: Land Lab Year 2, pt. 2

In the latest episode of the Agriculture Technology podcast, host Tony and guest Jake dive deep into the lessons... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 111: Land Lab Year 2, pt. 1

Year #2 at the Land Lab at NDSCS - what were the lessons learned? Tune in to Ep. 111 of the Agriculture Technology... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 110: Netafim

Tune in to the latest episode of the Agriculture Technology Podcast. Netafim's automation system, NetBeat is the... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 109: Grand Farm

Learn more about Grand Farm – how it developed, its ongoing goals and mission, and what autonomous farming could... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 108: John Deere & CES

Laurel Caes, public relations at John Deere, joins host Tony Kramer to discuss why John Deere believes that CES is... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 107: Lettuce Thinning Tech

Labor shortages are just one of the many challenges today's produce growers face. Learn how lettuce thinning... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 106: SWIIM®

The latest podcast takes a look at a water data tool: SWIIM®, which stands for Sustainable Water and Innovative... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 105: Growing Innovations

Podcast Tony Kramer takes listeners behind the scenes at this year's Growing Innovations Conference. Learn why this... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 103: Expert Alerts from John Deere

Proactive vs reactive. When it comes to machine repairs, there’s a clear favorite, right? With Expert Alerts, part... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 102: Connected Support

RDO team member Audra Hagen Grunhovd chats with host Tony Kramer to discuss the benefits and versatility of... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 100: Celebrating 100 episodes

We've hit a major milestone - 100 episodes! Host Tony Kramer uses this milestone episode to give thanks to those... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 95: Greentronics

Take a listen to our latest Agriculture Technology podcast, Ep. 95 featuring Greentronics. Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 85: State of Water Pt. 2

Part two of our discussion on the state of water is now up on the podcast. Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 84: State of Water, Pt. 1

Water. A highly prized resource. How do we manage it? How to we use it most efficiently? We tackle that and more on... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 83: Field Trials At The NDSCS Land Lab Pt. 2

In part 2 of this series, Host Tony Kramer continues his conversation with Jake Mauer, an agronomist with RDO... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 82: Field Trials At The NDSCS Land Lab Pt. 1

In part 1 of this two-part episode, Host Tony Kramer speaks with Jake Mauer, an agronomist with RDO Equipment Co.,... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 64: The Economics of Precision Ag with the USDA

In this episode we speak with David Schimmelpfennig, a senior economist with the USDA's Economic Research Service.... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 55: Matthew Grassi, PrecisionAg Professional

Host Tony Kramer invited Matthew on the podcast for a conversation on current precision agriculture trends and... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 42: Jack Zemlicka, Precision Farming Dealer

On every episode of this podcast, host Tony Kramer invites an industry guest for a conversation about his or her... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 36: Bill Gross, Farm Rescue

Imagine what would happen if illness, injury, or natural disaster prevented you from doing your job. Like many with... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 33: Chris Wear, Chris Wear Enterprises, Inc

This episode celebrates an exciting milestone as Tony invited an RDO Equipment Co. customer on the podcast – the... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 28: Kris Poulson, Sentera

“We don’t want to disrupt this market space. We want to assist it.” That’s what Kris Poulson, Vice President of... Listen Now

Podcast Ep. 27: Bryce Knowlen, RDO Equipment Co.

When you work with agriculture equipment, one of the best ways to learn, see, and discover is to get up close and... Listen Now


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